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Plastic Barrettes


A plastic barrette is a clip that holds the hair back or up, and they are equal parts useful and decorative. Some are curved on the front and secure with a metal clip, and some are all plastic.


More expensive barrettes are made of ceramic, or fabric, or even a combination of semiprecious metals and stones. These generally have a metal backing.


Plastic barrettes can be of almost any length or width. Tiny plastic hair barrettes are good for babies and young children, as well as anyone with fine or thin hair.


Many of these smaller hair barrettes have children’s designs, like clowns or animals. They should be used carefully with smaller kids though, because they can be a choking hazard.



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Shorter hair barrettes are also good for young girls, teens, and even women. Larger plastic barrettes (some can be up to four or five inches long) are meant to pull back bigger sections of hair, and are usually worn at the back or the top of the head.


If you want to pull back most or all of your hair, choose a plastic hair barrette that’s not only long enough, but wide enough as well. Generally, the wider the barrette, the more hair it will hold.


Most plastic barrettes will bend a little, but if you try to put too much hair into them, you won’t be able to close the clasp. If you use too much hair and manage to close it, it will probably pop open. To be sure you aren’t putting too much hair in your hair barrette, bring the upper part of the barrette down over the section of hair to see if you can close it. If it won’t close, choose a larger and wider barrette.


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Using hair barrettes will allow you to create many cute and even sophisticated hairstyles, and they are great for those with long hair, short hair, and even curly hair. Barrettes aren’t just for little girls any more - there are many styles that are perfect for grown women. Elegant styles with rhinestones and other embellishments are good for a dinner or night out.

 plastic barrettes

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 plastic hair barrette

Plastic hair barrettes are an easy and fun way to keep your hair out of your face, and they are as cute as they are practical. If you choose the right style, it can take you from work to evening without changing your hairdo.



Many women try to match their barrettes to their clothing or accessories, but here’s another idea. For a seamless look, try to find a barrette that closely matches your hair color. You’ll be able to keep your hair tidy, and no one will notice that you are wearing a barrette.


Looking for a fun and casual way to updo your hair? Look no further than the haircare section of your local store or a myriad of online options - there are so many choices when it comes to the plastic barrette, that you can have a different set for every occasion.

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